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Ron Paul Fears False Flag Looms, Urges Americans To Resist Deep State Push For War On North Korea

September 27, 2017 Tyler Durden 0

We are seeing now in regard to North Korea a replay of the type of campaign the deep state and the media used in 2001 through 2003 to stir up the American people to support the invasion of Iraq.

 The Ron Paul Institute’s Adam Dick writes that this is the assessment of former United States House of Representatives member and presidential candidate Ron Paul in a Tuesday interview with Alex Jones on the Alex Jones Show.

In the interview focused on US foreign policy and, in particular, relations between the US and North Korea, Paul declared:

Just remember … the propagandists, the deep state and the media, convinced the American people that Saddam Hussein was a danger, They’re doing the same thing now with North Korea.

In response to this propaganda, Paul, who has served as chairman of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity since leaving the US House, says Americans “ought to wise up and just not buy into this.”

Watch Paul’s complete interview here:

Paul wrote this week about the move toward a US war against North Korea in his editorial “How to End the Korea Crisis

The post Ron Paul Fears False Flag Looms, Urges Americans To Resist Deep State Push For War On North Korea appeared first on

The post Ron Paul Fears False Flag Looms, Urges Americans To Resist Deep State Push For War On North Korea appeared first on

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Bezahl’s mit Bitcoin! Werbung, HiFi, Schuhe, Tische, Urlaub und noch vieles mehr

September 27, 2017 Christoph Bergmann 0

Einmal mehr stellen wir neue Ideen vor, wie ihr eure Bitcoins unter die Leute bringt. Diesmal haben wir eine lange Liste von zahlreichen Onlineshops und anderen Akzeptanzstellen, die ein breites Spektrum von Waren und Dienstleistungen abdecken. Viel Spaß beim Shoppen!

The post Bezahl’s mit Bitcoin! Werbung, HiFi, Schuhe, Tische, Urlaub und noch vieles mehr appeared first on

The post Bezahl’s mit Bitcoin! Werbung, HiFi, Schuhe, Tische, Urlaub und noch vieles mehr appeared first on

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Frontrunning: September 27

September 27, 2017 Tyler Durden 0
  • Trump Will Let Congress Decide on Tax Rate for Top Earners (BBG)
  • Conservative firebrand defeats Trump pick in Alabama primary for U.S. Senate (Reuters)
  • U.S. Commerce Secretary says market access, protectionism top China issues (Reuters)
  • U.S. slaps steep duties on Bombardier jets after Boeing complaint (Reuters)
  • Dismayed Britain chides Boeing over Bombardier ruling (Reuters)
  • Cryptocurrency Derivatives? You Bet. This Trader Has 295% Return (BBG)
  • Manafort’s Offer to Russian Oligarch Was Tied to Disputed Deal (BBG)
  • There’s One North Korea Taboo China’s Leaders Won’t Talk About (BBG)
  • Mattis arrives in Afghanistan as rockets hit Kabul airport (Reuters)
  • Falling prices, borrowing binge haunt Midwest ‘go-go farmers’ (Reuters)
  • Canada Says It’s No Safe Haven for Immigrants Losing U.S. Protection (WSJ)
  • Ford and Lyft Sign Driverless-Car Agreement (WSJ)
  • Trump’s Made-in-America Car Campaign Hasn’t Spurred Investment (BBG)
  • Uber defends business model at UK tribunal on worker rights (Reuters)
  • Alstom, Siemens Announce Merger to Create European Train Giant (Reuters)
  • PepsiCo Lawyer’s Exit Is Focus of SEC Probe (WSJ)
  • Greek central bank dismisses Anonymous hacking claim (Reuters)
  • Amazon says Google has pulled YouTube from Echo Show device in tech face-off (Reuters)
  • Thai former PM Yingluck gets five-year jail term for negligence (Reuters)


Overnight Media Digest


– U.S. Senators criticized the Securities and Exchange Commission’s new leader, Jay Clayton, at a hearing on Tuesday for how the agency handled a 2016 breach of its cornerstone system for storing market-moving information.

– Equifax Inc moved to take concrete action over its massive hack ahead of congressional hearings next week, announcing on Tuesday that Chairman and Chief Executive Richard Smith would step aside.

– An investor group including U.S. private-equity firm TPG Capital is looking to sell its controlling stake in one of Indonesia’s oldest finance companies, BFI Finance Indonesia , in a deal that could value the company at about $1 billion, according to people familiar with the matter.

– Republicans are reconsidering their plans to cut individual income tax rates for the highest-earning households to 35 percent, as they gear up to release a blueprint on Wednesday, according to people familiar with the discussions.

– Twitter Inc on Tuesday said it would begin testing a new limit of 280 characters, double its current limit, as a concession to users who have been clamoring for changes to the short-messaging service.

– Uber Technologies Inc said it may cease operations in the Canadian province of Quebec in protest of more stringent training rules for drivers there.



Uber Technologies Inc has hired headhunters to look for a new UK chairman who can help repair its relations with regulators in one of its top European markets, according to a person close to the company.

The head of UBS Group AG’s investment bank, Andrea Orcel, called for quick agreement on a Brexit transition deal and warned that if such a decision is not agreed by March, there will be a “significant” shift out of UK.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party voted to bring disciplinary measures against any members found to be anti-Semitic, but activists said more action was needed to show that the party is serious about confronting the problem.

European Council President Donald Tusk said that Britain has finally abandoned its “have cake and eat it” strategy for Brexit negotiations, although he warned that more work had to be done to produce a breakthrough in talks.



– Twitter Inc said on Tuesday that it would test extending the text limit of a post on its service to 280 characters, to eliminate what it viewed as constraints that kept people from tweeting more frequently.

– German industrial giant Siemens AG plans to merge its rail business with the French train equipment maker Alstom SA, the companies said Tuesday.

– Uber Technologies Inc said it would stop service in Montreal and the Quebec province next month rather than accept new government rules, the second setback in a week for the ride-hailing service’s international operations.

– Janet Yellen, the Federal Reserve chairwoman, said the U.S. Fed plans to keep raising its benchmark interest rate despite the weakness of inflation.




** Canadian regulatory policies effectively subsidize the world’s largest digital companies by exempting them from taxes and spending requirements imposed on Canadian broadcasters, Quebecor Inc Chief Executive Pierre-Karl Péladeau says.

** WestJet Airlines Ltd said its new discount carrier, Swoop, will start taking bookings in February and begin flying near the end of June, 2018.

** The U.S. government has imposed duties of nearly 220 percent on imports of Bombardier Inc’s C Series planes into the United States, a move that threatens to exacerbate trade tensions between the two countries and undermine sales prospects for the Canadian company’s most important aircraft.


** Twitter Inc will double its strict size limit on tweets to 280 characters from 140 characters for a small percent of users in every language but Japanese, Chinese and Korean, a Twitter Canada spokesperson confirmed Tuesday.

** Middle-class families in Canada are paying higher income taxes compared to a few years ago, despite claims by Ottawa that it has eased the tax burden on this income group, according to a new report by Vancouver-based think-tank, The Fraser Institute.

** The Ontario government plans to unveil legislation Wednesday that would force drug companies and other businesses to publicly divulge the payments they make to health professionals, answering long-standing complaints about industry influence on the medical profession.



The Times

The finance director of Northgate Plc has been sacked after he was convicted of assault. Northgate said in a statement that Paddy Gallagher, 54, had been “summarily dismissed due to his conviction for the summary offence of common assault.”

The ousted boss of Airbus UK has landed at British aerospace company Cobham Plc. Paul Kahn was forced out of the Franco-German planemaker in the summer after less than three years in the job in a barely disguised falling out over Brexit and the future of Airbus’s substantial interests in the United Kingdom.

The Guardian

The former boss and chief operating officer of Afren, a London-listed oil and gas exploration business, are to be charged with criminal offences in relation to an alleged 45 million euros ($53.05 million) fraud that led to the collapse of the 2 billion euro company.

The chief executive of embattled credit agency Equifax Inc announced his retirement on Tuesday, in the wake of a massive data breach that exposed the personal information of 143 million people.

The Telegraph

British Steel has emerged from UK’s steel crisis with its first international acquisition, less than 18 months after Tata Steel abandoned the troubled business.

Uber Technologies Inc is looking to hire a UK chairman, just a week after being stripped of its licence to operate in London and as arch-rival Lyft eyes a move into the market.

Sky News

Thousands of jobs could be at risk in Northern Ireland after a U.S. adjudication against the aircraft manufacturer Bombardier Inc.

Sky News has learnt that a committee established by the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association will follow up an earlier report by warning that the current system with thousands of smaller defined benefit schemes operating independently is “placing the retirement savings of millions…at risk”.

The Independent

A London-based female Uber driver has issued sex discrimination proceedings against the ride-sharing company Uber Technologies Inc, claiming it unfairly disadvantages women who work for the group.

Dyson has confirmed it will launch a battery-powered electric car in 2020. The vacuum cleaner company, which will spend 2 billion euros on the project, says its vehicles will be “radical and different”.



The post Frontrunning: September 27 appeared first on

The post Frontrunning: September 27 appeared first on

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Financial Advice From Man Who Made $1+ Billion in 1929 – Importance Of Being Patient and “Sitting”

September 27, 2017 GoldCore 0

Financial Advice From Man Who Made $1+ Billion in 1929 – Importance Of Being Patient and “Sitting” 

 – Listen to Jesse Livermore and ignore the noise of short term market movements, central bank waffle and daily headlines  

– Stock and bond markets are overvalued but continue to climb… for now
– What goes up must come down and investors should diversify and rebalance portfolios despite market noise
– Behavioural biases currently drive markets, prompting legendary investors to be confused and opt out
– Lesson is to prepare portfolios for long-term and invest in assets that will act as hedge in next market correction or crash
– Gold performs well over the long-term and delivers to those “sitting” and being patient

When it comes to your investment portfolio it is harder than ever to sift through market and central bank noise and focus on the fundamental drivers and long-term strategy.

Take for example a quick glance at financial news pages this morning:

  • A story about bitcoin’s rise from $200 in 2013 to $5000 just three weeks ago –  a gain of 2,400%
  • Fed rate hike odds in December have soared to 78% thanks to Yellen’s “noisy” comments yesterday
  • Luxury homes in London’s best neighborhoods are set to rise by 20.3% over next five years – allegedly
  • Warnings of supply gap in oil production next year

Meanwhile, we look at more quiet, conservative gold and it has varied no more than $200/oz over the last four years.

It can be difficult to correlate this with a background of markets that are teeming with behavioural biases. Market reactions are short-tempered thanks to this age of instant information… and disinformation.

Greed and fear become more exaggerated than ever and greed is currently dominant.

The most recent individual to get frustrated with this state of affairs is money manager Hugh Hendry. Hendry recently decided to close his hedge fund, after 15 years. Hendry joined the likes of Eric Mindich, Leland Lim and John Burbank all of whom have shuttered hedge funds this year.

Market frustrations make us want to jump on money making bandwagon

In his round of send-offs Hendry explained how frustrating he had found markets. By nearly every measure they are over-priced, but few seem to care.

Hendry told Bloomberg:

“To my great, great, great horror, I became deeply correlated to the travails of President Trump’s presidency and of course these geopolitical events, which were sparked off in the Korean peninsula.”

Markets are reacting to short-termisms and click-bait headlines.

Consider this: stocks, bonds and property prices are at all-time highs. They’re not alone, private equity and some collectibles (considered alternative assets) are also at all time highs.

But they keep on going.

Occasionally it can feel as though nothing will take the steam out of the sails of markets which by all measures should be dramatically faltering.

Momentum is a powerful thing … especially in the short term.

At the end of H1 2017 the S&P500, the Dow and Nasdaq Composite posted their biggest gains in recent years.

Stock prices fluctuate on a daily, monthly and even quarterly basis. These fluctuations often have very little to do with the fundamental value of the business.

Short-termism, speculation and stock buy backs are the main drivers of stocks today.

In 1960 the average period for holding a NYSE stock was eight years and four months. Today, according to Credit Suisse, the average period for holding a stock across the broader US stock market is four months.

We know from experience that this kind of trading behaviour and pricing activity cannot continue.

What goes up must come down. But obviously no-one knows when.

This is frustrating in this day and age. At a time when information is at my fingertips it can be infuriating to not have an answer.

But, we must be patient.

Importance of patience – a time-old skill

We were reminded of one of the greatest examples of investing with patience by Tim Price of Price Value International.

Price tells the story of Jesse Livermore, a legendary trader.

Livermore was extraordinary. Born in 1877, Livermore ran away from home as a child and soon began trading stocks.

By the time he was 20, he had already amassed a fortune of $3 million, more than $75 million in today’s money.

Livermore sold short, i.e. bet that stock prices would fall, just prior to the 1907 crash, as well as the 1929 crash.

His bets were so lucrative that, going into the Great Depression, Livermore had a fortune of more than $100 million, or about $1.4 billion today.

But Livermore wasn’t just great at making money from overheated markets. He was also a master of losing money.

This book is widely and rightly regarded as an investment classic. It is also crammed with valuable observations about the practice of speculation and successful trading.

Among them, the importance of being patient and disciplined:

“After spending many years in Wall Street and after making and losing millions of dollars I want to tell you this: It never was my thinking that made big money for me. It was always my sitting.”

The success of long-term investing and damage of short-term reactions is not just anecdotal.

In its 2016 Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behaviour,  US investment firm Dalbar found the leading cause of 20 years of diminished returns was investors’ own behaviour.

They tended to indulge in ‘panic selling, excessively exuberant buying and attempts at market timing’.

Time pressures of thinking 

We shouldn’t be surprised that investors struggle to take a Jesse Livermore approach these days. Not only are we surrounded by instant news but we are also pressured into delivering regular results.

Hedge fund managers such as Hendry have to give their clients regular updates. All of us who hold investments with managers receive quarterly or annual reports. Money managers must report their results.

Of course, this is good for transparency but can you imagine how most people these days would feel if they thought money managers were telling them their investments hadn’t done very much? They would want to move their money, they’re not seeing much change which in today’s minds means their is little value.

This is why we like gold

For precisely this point, we like gold. It requires patience, over the long-term it likes to filter out the noise that comes from the likes of Trump tweets and pumped up stocks.

Gold has performed extremely well since 1999. During the tech-fuelled stock market collapse of 2000-2003 gold stood strong. It made further gains during the disaster of the Iraq war, further boosted by the likes of Enron-esque scandals.

Following the financial crisis in 2007/ 2008, it posted some of its biggest gains.

Not bad for something that has just sat in the background for the last near-twenty years.

Regardless of how much gold you choose to hold in your portfolio the main message is clear: do not manage your portfolio on a daily basis, consider it as something which requires care over the long-term. This is why gold serves a portfolio so well.

This is something those who are just beginning to consider their long-term finances should seriously pay attention to.

Millennials take note

Earlier this year The World Gold Council’s John Reade, chief market strategist and head of research (and former managing partner at Paulson & Co.) spoke about the need for millennials to consider not only long-term investing and diversification but how gold played a key role.

“Millennials are an interesting case study; they are going to be working and investing a long time so you need to think about more than just the short term … Gold is a great diversifier for a portfolio but it is more than that. It is a source of returns that is commiserate with equities over the last 10, 20 years.”

Investing in gold is a commitment for the long-term. In order to enjoy long-term investing, participants must have both patience and an ability to tolerate periods of less-than-desireable performance.

It is vital millennials consider the performance of an asset over a long-period of time, as they are just starting to build their portfolios and need to prepare for the next 20, 30, 40 years or more.

The most prominent financial event in millennial’s memory is the collapse of Lehman brothers. Those who invested in gold before or soon after the financial crash have fared well.

Gold is the true reward of patient investing 

Investing expert Warren Buffet famously stated that his preferred time to hold a stock is “forever.”

We know that equities are different to gold bullion but there is some transferable knowledge here.

The precious metal has delivered solid returns on a long-term basis. Investors must not be put off by the weaker performance of  the last four years. Instead they should ask what has driven the price over the last ten, twenty and forty years since the end of the Gold Standard.

Those long-term drivers have not suddenly disappeared. Currencies continue to be devalued, savers continue to earn very little on their savings and uncertainty is ever-growing in the political and economic worlds.

Gold is a proven hedge against instability and market turmoil. In recent years it has gained in popularity thanks to  low interest rates and financial uncertainties.

In the long-term, holding on to gold has been shown to be quite lucrative for many investors. But the key is a long-term focus,  patience and “sitting” …

News and Commentary

Gold prices steady after Hawkish Yellen comments (

Stocks Mixed in Asia as Consolidation Continues (

Hedge fund Paulson & Co calls for joint shareholder action vs gold miners (

Billionaire John Paulson Targets Gold CEOs Over Pay (

Gold settles lower after back-to-back daily gains (

 Bullion surges as North Korea tensions resurface. Source: Bloomberg

U.S. Dollar No Longer the Dominant ‘Haven’ Currency – BOAML (

Thoughts on global gold mine supply (

If China links oil to gold, the world will change (

Economic Winter Is Coming: Recap of My Experience at Nexus Crypto / Blockchain Conference (

What Would Happen If the Moon Was Made of Gold? (

Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

27 Sep: USD 1,291.30, GBP 963.83 & EUR 1,099.54 per ounce
26 Sep: USD 1,306.90, GBP 969.59 & EUR 1,105.38 per ounce
25 Sep: USD 1,295.50, GBP 957.89 & EUR 1,089.26 per ounce
22 Sep: USD 1,297.00, GBP 956.15 & EUR 1,082.09 per ounce
21 Sep: USD 1,297.35, GBP 960.56 & EUR 1,089.00 per ounce
20 Sep: USD 1,314.90, GBP 970.53 & EUR 1,094.79 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

27 Sep: USD 16.89, GBP 12.58 & EUR 14.38 per ounce
26 Sep: USD 17.01, GBP 12.67 & EUR 14.43 per ounce
25 Sep: USD 16.95, GBP 12.57 & EUR 14.27 per ounce
22 Sep: USD 16.97, GBP 12.52 & EUR 14.18 per ounce
21 Sep: USD 16.95, GBP 12.58 & EUR 14.24 per ounce
20 Sep: USD 17.38, GBP 12.84 & EUR 14.48 per ounce

Recent Market Updates

– “Gold prices to reach $1,400 before the end of the year” – GoldCore
– Commodities King Gartman Says Gold Soon Reach $1,400 As Drums of War Grow Louder
– Bitcoin “Is A Bubble” but Gold Is Money Says World’s Biggest Hedge Fund Manager
– Pensions and Debt Time Bomb In UK: £1 Trillion Crisis Looms
– Gold Investment “Compelling” As Fed May “Kill The Business Cycle”
– “This Is Where The Next Financial Crisis Will Come From” – Deutsche Bank
– Global Debt Bubble Understated By $13 Trillion Warn BIS
– Bitcoin Price Falls 40% In 3 Days Underlining Gold’s Safe Haven Credentials
– Gold Up, Markets Fatigued As War Talk Boils Over
– Oil Rich Venezuela Stops Accepting Dollars
– Massive Equifax Hack Shows Cyber Risk to Deposits and Investments Today
– British People Suddenly Stopped Buying Cars
– Buy Gold for Long Term as “Fiat Money Is Doomed”


Important Guides

For your perusal, below are our most popular guides in 2017:

Essential Guide To Storing Gold In Switzerland

Essential Guide To Storing Gold In Singapore

Essential Guide to Tax Free Gold Sovereigns (UK)

Please share our research with family, friends and colleagues who you think would benefit from being informed by it.

The post Financial Advice From Man Who Made $1+ Billion in 1929 – Importance Of Being Patient and “Sitting” appeared first on

The post Financial Advice From Man Who Made $1+ Billion in 1929 – Importance Of Being Patient and “Sitting” appeared first on

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Cryptolocator, an Altcoin Trading Marketplace, Announces Platform Launch

September 27, 2017 Guest Author 0

An international marketplace for Ethereum trading, will launch in the middle of October 2017. Cryptolocator platform unites trading partners and facilitates transactions with popular cryptocurrencies, prioritizing ETH. Users get access to a set of traditional marketplace features and deal mechanisms, new trading pairs, and extra service improvements. The developers are already researching the possibility … Continue reading Cryptolocator, an Altcoin Trading Marketplace, Announces Platform Launch

The post Cryptolocator, an Altcoin Trading Marketplace, Announces Platform Launch appeared first on NEWSBTC.

The post Cryptolocator, an Altcoin Trading Marketplace, Announces Platform Launch appeared first on

The post Cryptolocator, an Altcoin Trading Marketplace, Announces Platform Launch appeared first on

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501 Palestinians sentenced to life in prison

September 27, 2017 Middle East Monitor 0

The number of Palestinian prisoners sentenced to life in jail by Israel has reached 501, according to the Palestinian Information Centre. The last prisoner to be sentenced was Amjad Al-Najjar, who was also fined 35,000 shekels ($98,700), after being accused of perpetrating an anti-occupation attack that killed a settler and injured three others. Israeli law defines a life sentence as a 99-year term of imprisonment. A total of 6,500 Palestinians are currently imprisoned in 22 Israeli prisons; around 550 are being held under administrative detention orders without charge. Almost 60 Palestinian women and girls are held by Israel, along with 350 boys and 12 Members of Parliament. Israel is known to regularly abuse and torture Palestinian prisoners, including children and those on hunger […]

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IMF praises Egypt economic reforms

September 27, 2017 Middle East Monitor 0

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has praised the Egyptian government’s plan to reform the economy, which include an increase in electricity tariffs and a rise in fuel prices in November 2016 and June this year. In its report on the state of the Egyptian economy, the IMF described the decision to increase the prices as “very important” steps, stressing the importance of completing the government’s plans to reform the energy support system. The report pointed to the Egyptian authorities’ intention to increase fuel prices to achieve full recovery of the cost of capital and complete the reform of the energy sector. With regard to macroeconomic forecasts, it said that they have recently improved the inclusion of a larger-than-expected consumption impact. […]

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Iran warns Kurds about independence referendum

September 27, 2017 Middle East Monitor 0

The senior international affairs adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader has warned the Kurds in Iraq about going ahead with plans to secede from the state in the aftermath of its referendum on independence. Ali Akbar Velayati stressed that the referendum conducted this week was “illegal” and its results cannot be trusted as being accurate. The Iranian official warned that the referendum will lead to political unrest and accused the United States and Israel of standing behind the poll. According to Velayati, Iraqi-Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani has two options: he can back away from the referendum or confront the Iraqi people. Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan region held a referendum on Monday on secession from Baghdad, despite international and regional objections. Israel was […]

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State of the Union 2017 – Commission presents next steps towards a stronger, more effective and fairer EU migration and asylum policy

September 27, 2017 0

European Commission – Press release Brussels, 27 September 2017 . On 13 September, in his annual State of the Union address, President Jean-Claude Juncker said: “In spite of the debate and controversy around this topic, we have managed to make solid progress (…) We now need to redouble our efforts.

The post State of the Union 2017 – Commission presents next steps towards a stronger, more effective and fairer EU migration and asylum policy appeared first on